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Lilikoi Caye.

White Tea & Ginger Scented Candle

White Tea & Ginger Scented Candle

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This white tea and ginger scented candle has notes of lemon, geranium, bergamot, nutmeg, and a blend of teas that really brings forward a clean, fresh scent that we can be proud of. It can be a great scent to start your day with or a great one for relaxation, meditation, or a self care day!

Mood: Calm, citrusy, floral, spicy, energizing.

Scent Notes:

      •     Top – Yuzu, Lemon, Green Tea, Bergamot.
      •     Middle – Geranium, Nutmeg, Rose, Earl Grey Tea.
      •     Bottom – Musk, Woods, Berries.
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